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Carp Punk is now the end tackle brand of Sharp Tackle.  Carp Punk still supplies the exact same products that Sharp Tackle did. The direct to consumer (DTC) end tackle market has got very crowded of late. There are many brands all supplying the same products from the same few suppliers at very similar prices. Many of these companies promote no carp tax while still making 600% mark ups on some products. Carp Punk has taken the bull by the horns and reduced the product mark ups to more agreeable retail prices. No one likes to think they're being exploited. By offering  cheap subscription service customers can now buy the same products they were from Sharp Tackle or very similar to any other DTC brand on a 2 for 1 OR 50% off deal. You can even earn your £10 or more back through the loyalty scheme. 

Curve style carp fishing hook
Coated braid hook link for carp fishing rigs
Stiff mono for carp fishing rigs
Propolis for carp fishing
Tungsten putty for carp fishing rigs
Tungsten sinkers for carp fishing rigs
James Harrison with a big French carp from Farm Lake
James Harrison with a big Orellana carp
James Harrison with a big French carp
James Harrison with a big Croatian carp from Zumber

James Harrison

James has been around the carp scene since the early 1980s cutting his teeth on the local club waters and early carp venues like Broadlands Lake. He has worked in virtually every aspect of carp fishing from tackle shops, to product development, guiding on Orellana and most notably from his work with Advanced Carp Fishing and Carpworld magazines. He designed the first lead release system for helicopter rigs, the Atomic Chopper Dropper, which was heralded by Carpworld as 'THE greatest advancement in rig safety'. It has since been copied by all the major brands. 
James has a science background that he applies to his fishing and this often goes against the accepted norms of the carp trade. You have to be different if you want to be better than anyone else.  He brings an unbridled passion for carp fishing which has got him in hot water with various 'names' and brands with his outspoken views on the carp fishing trade. A trade he feels has made anglers paranoid in to buying the latest products that offer absolutely no advantage to the angler. Sharp Tackle and now Carp Punk is allowing him to bring fairly priced, high quality end tackle to the market. 

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