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Carp Punk is a new way to buy your end tackle. Like Costco and Makro, where you pay an annual membership fee to enter the store the same is true here. You pay a £10 yearly fee and you gain access to our super low priced end tackle.

You can get  an idea of what we stock HERE

and a full price list HERE

To pay your £10 membership fee it's HERE

Danny Callis Banks a 71lb Mirror

using a spinner rig made

from Carp Punk end tackle


All Hooks £1

Kickers from 80p


Swivels from 60p


Shrink Tube 50p

Lead Clips £1.25

Screenshot (363).png
Screenshot (361).png
Screenshot (362).png
Screenshot (364).png

See more of what
we stock here
before subscribing

Join HERE to access the
lowest priced, quality end tackle

Sharp Tackle's is a company that sells custom carp fishing tackle


Sharp Tackle has not gone. Sharp will become our premium and custom product brand. It's sole purpose is to bring innovative interpretations of modern carp fishing equipment to the discerning angler. 
We have bars, sticks, pods, a net, an alarm and more all in proper development and testing stages. We have used UK manufacturers where at all possible. Nothing will come close to these products. They are made without a final cost in mind. They are designed to last a lifetime and all will carry a lifetime warranty. 

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